For Health Professionals

For Health Professionals

The BabySaver helps provide resuscitation to newborn babies in the critical ‘golden minute’ after they are born. In line with World Health Organisation guidelines, it allows babies to remain next to their mothers and the umbilical cord to remain intact. This ensures the baby does not miss out on the increased nutrients and oxygen afforded by delayed cord clamping.

It also prevents the trauma that both mother and baby may experience if resuscitation has to be performed in a separate room.

Each unit is labelled with clear instructions on how to perform newborn resuscitation.

Instructions to ventilate a baby

No electricity is required as the BabySaver will contain reusable gel pads for keeping the baby warm.

The unit will be low-cost and our aim is for every birthing unit in Uganda to have at least one.

Golden minute

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Health Professionals

For more information on the BabySaver please contact
The Sanyu Africa Research Institute (SAfRI):
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