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The BabySaver

A low-cost, newborn resuscitation kit

The BabySaver

A low-cost, newborn resuscitation kit

Every year six million babies worldwide need assistance to breathe when they are born

Four million will die before they are one month old


The BabySaver allows specialist support to be delivered, at the bedside, within the first few minutes of life. Cost: $50

About the BabySaver

The history of the BabySaver project and how it could revolutionise newborn resuscitation

The Team

Meet the international team behind the BabySaver

For Health Professionals

How the BabySaver works and where you can get more information

Contact Us

Health Professionals

For more information on the BabySaver please contact
The Sanyu Africa Research Institute (SAfRI):
+256 (0)393280580 or
+44 (0)151 7959578

Media Enquiries

Please contact Stuart Baird at BakerBaird Communications:

+44 7799 678009

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